“We saw this as a really unique partnership opportunity, one that we have not been able to find anywhere else in the country, where three universities of this stature have come together. It’s a model that I think really needs to be shared and championed across the country.” President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Luna, Helios

Paul Luna

President and Chief Executive Officer, Helios Education Foundation

“It’s very empowering to join to other institutions that have similar students in a similar context in a similar and similar missions. And what we’re finding is that we are improving our performance for students by sharing best practices in ways that we couldn’t do by ourselves.” Braulio Colon

Vice President, Florida Student Success Initiatives, , Helios Education Foundation

“FIU is also deeply involved locally. We see ourselves as a force for good. For the South Florida economy to continue to grow and thrive, talented and highly skilled college and university graduates must be able to find the quality, high-paying jobs they desire. To retain the region’s intellectual capital, we have teamed up with local academic and economic development institutions to provide students with meaningful work experience in key, targeted industries. At FIU we pride ourselves in being a solutions center and preparing our students not only to take good jobs but to create good jobs,”

“The Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Universities accepts these grants as a vote of confidence and a challenge to work smarter for all Floridians.”

Mark B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

President, Florida International University

“In many respects, the guiding lights of our state’s economy are in the metropolitan areas of Miami, Tampa-St. Petersburg and Orlando. Together we serve 63 percent of Florida’s population, 70 percent of the state’s ethnic and racial minorities and 47 percent of all students in the state university system of Florida. Together we also award nearly half the baccalaureate degrees in the state of Florida.”


John Hitt, Ph.D.

President, University of Central Florida

 “The potential of USF, UCF and FIU working together to help meet Florida’s most pressing workforce needs. This is the first of many successful collaborative projects for this consortium.”

Judy Genshaft , Ph.D.

President, University of South Florida Systems

“Working together, the Consortium will increase the number of underrepresented and limited income students graduating with high-demand skill sets, and emphasize career readiness and success for our graduates, elevating their competitive position in the workforce and in advancing to graduate or first professional programs.”

Ralph Wilcox, Ph.D.

Provost and Executive Vice President, University of South Florida

“The collaboration is really being driven by our common goals and interests…When we looked at how we impact the state, we felt we could advance the success of our students if we work together.” Maribeth Ehasz,

Vice Present of Student Development and Enrollment Services, University of Central Florida

“It is a very different approach. In the end, we recognize the value in what we might call enlightened self-interest. If we work together, we can achieve even greater things.” said Paul Dosal, USF’s Vice President for Student Affairs and Student Success. The collaboration is really being driven by our common goals and interests,” “When we looked at how we impact the state, we felt we could advance the success of our students if we work together.”

Paul Dosal, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs and Student Success, University of South Florida

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