Our Impact


What does the student of the future need to be successful?

How do the changing demographics of our state affect the way we engage students both inside and outside the classroom? What will the future of employment look like in Florida and what skills and certifications will students need to fill them? Are we prepared to address the rising cost of higher education?

These are questions that colleges and universities all over the country are struggling with.
Each year the shifting sands of policy revisions, unstable financial structures, and an ever changing economy forces universities to seemingly be able to predict the future.

Until now, many of our campuses were supposed to arrive at the answers to these questions by working by themselves and simultaneously competing with other universities for students, staff, and resources.

The Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities is working to reverse this approach.
We scale efforts and deliver collective impact through four pillars. These areas of strategic focus helps us to allocate our resources and experts to tackle complex problems.



Utilize collaborative data analysis to identify students early
with common risk characteristics for not completing their degrees to allow of individual and immediate interventions to increase the likelihood of success to graduation


Monitor student progression to degree completion using the most up-to-date tracking technology and develop on-ramping strategies to ensure successful new student transitions


Offer personalized academic and engagement success coaching, mentoring and enhanced advising for students needing help to succeed


Increase internship and practicum experiences by sharing connections and resources in our three metropolitan areas and forging new partnerships by leveraging the strength of all three universities

Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research
12424 Research Pkwy #101 Orlando, FL 32826


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