The Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities has great news; we’ve expanded our team!

Silvia Pulido Ph.D.  is our new Assistant Director, Research & Grants. Dr. Pulido brings over twenty of research and development experience to the Florida Consortium. As the Assistant Director of Research and Grants, she is responsible for the overall direction and management of a Consortium faculty development and implementation process of the College to Career Continuum project. She will also guide a series of Faculty Learning Groups working on an early alert and intervention program for students enrolled in 5 pre-selected STEM majors.  Dr. Pulido will work in close collaboration with UCF Foundation staff, faculty at UCF, FIU, and USF, education, industry, and community partners.

Previously Dr. Pulido, served as the Assistant of Research at the UCF College of Nursing. Prior to that role, she served as the Director of the Proteomics Core Facility at the Center for Reproductive and Contraceptive Health (CRCH) at University of Virginia Medical School (an NIH Research Center), where she was a liaison between researchers and funding agencies.

Dr. Pulido received a Ph.D. from Boston University Medical School, and B.S. from University of Notre Dame. In her spare time she likes to be outside with her husband and son enjoying swimming, kayaking, boating, and snorkeling. She also enjoys hiking and photography.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Pulido to the Florida Consortium!


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