Joint efforts to develop market aligned programs, career readiness resources, and access to higher education to students in Florida

ORLANDO, FL- December 11, 2017: In its second year, the Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities, a partnership between Florida International University, University of Central Florida and University of South Florida ushered in several high impact results. The Florida Consortium fostered relationships in the communities in which FIU, UCF, and USF reside and shared best practices. During 2016-2017 the Florida Consortium’s collective impact resulted in:

  • 170,000 students served
  • 166,000 miles traveled for policy discussions, collaborative meetings, or conferences
  • 2000 hours of conference calls on early interventions to career readiness efforts
  • 14 sponsored events including Student Success Conference and Statewide Employability Summits
  • Nine panel/speakerships including Intl Trade & Investment Conference, Florida College Access Network Annual Conference
  • Several career readiness resources including Doubling Florida Job Opportunities Report and Seminar
  • Two published articles Value of Engaged Students and Maybe Colleges Should Take A Lesson

Together FIU, UCF, and USF also supported the lionshare of Pell eligible students in Florida. Pell Grants are limited to students with financial need, students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree, or certain post-baccalaureate programs. The Pell eligibility metric is important because it conveys the university’s opportunity index. This metric is also seen as a key performance inidicator in terms of effectiveness and pathway to opportunties for students that need financial assisstance.

Job growth and the demand for skilled workers is strong in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa Bay as such the partnership is key to fueling the state’s talent pipeline now and in the future.To date inter-campus collaboration, meetings, and joint investigative research have been sponsored by the Helios Education Foundation, Helmsley Charitable Trust and the Kresge Foundation.

Going into its third year, the Florida Consortium commissioned Thomas P. Miller and Associates to support its strategic plan with support from the Helios Education Foundation. “We know our model works. The strategic planning process will help us to build on our learnings and successes so that we can continue to scale and deliver meaningful outcomes for the state of Florida for years to come” said executive director Michael Preston, Ed. D.

The Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities presented its 2016-17 results and roadmap of joint projects during the Presidents Council meeting on November 9, 2017. The full report is now online.

 About Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities:

The Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities is the first of its kind collaboration in higher education. The Florida Consortium is comprised of Florida International, University of Central Florida, and University of South Florida, the state’s largest research universities that account for over 170,000 students or 49% of the State University System of Florida enrollment. The Florida Consortium is focused on producing more career ready graduates with lower debt and adaptable skills that employer’s value. For more information visit or connect with us on Twitter, or Facebook.

Press Contact:

LaToya Hodge

Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities


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