Burning Glass Technologies and the Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities have teamed up to help universities leverage labor market data in and out of the classroom. What? Why? The fact is too many of us think a student’s major determines whether they’re qualified for certain internship or job opportunities. Also troubling, too many of us think a student’s field of study influences their career prospects once they graduate. Administrators and faculty on the front lines of student success and labor market data can be a powerful tool in their tool kit. We’re on a mission to empower students, faculty, administrators, and more with the power of labor market data. How do we plan to achieve this goal you ask?

Dan Restuccia Burning Glass’ Chief Analytics Officer is set to join the Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities  for the Doubling Florida Job Opportunities Virtual Seminar to discuss ways universities can leverage labor market data in advising or with faculty working to enhance curriculum. Florida Consortium institutions: Florida International University, University of Central Florida and University of South Florida have started to use labor market data but  it is time to spread the word!

Dan brings over a decade in education reform and experience driving innovations that improve college and career success for young people to this session. While at Jobs for the Future, a national education reform and advocacy organization he developed partnerships between high schools and colleges to improve college matriculations and graduation rates for low-income and at risk students. Dan has also served as a middle and high school math teacher, so we’re in for a treat!

Register here and mark your calendar to join us for the Doubling Florida Jobs Virtual Seminar.






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