Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities

Our greatest opportunity for economic and social IMPACT is to transform lives through collaboration by leveraging the power of our metropolitan universities

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The Florida Consortium of
Metropolitan Research Universities

The Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities aims to produce more career-ready graduates with lower debt, better training and workforce skills that meet the demand of Florida’s growing economy. The Florida Consortium is a collaborative endeavor between Florida International University, the University of Central Florida, and the University of South Florida. Operationally formed with consultation and support from the Helios Education Foundation, the Consortium will grow the number of degreed professionals and positively impact Florida’s economic development. Consortium institutions serve 47% of State University System total enrollment and 54% of the state’s undergraduate minority enrollment.



The members of the Florida Consortium have pledged to work collaboratively to achieve the following objectives;


– to increase the number of baccalaureate degrees by 12%;

– increase the six-year graduation rate by minority students by 4%;

– increase the number of graduates employed in Florida by 3%;

– and increase the salaries that our graduates earn in the work place by 10%.


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Our Team

Florida Consortium Leadership

  • Michael Preston, Ed.D.

    Executive Director

  • Ted Greenberg, MFA

    Program Coordinator

  • Ginny Botts, Ed.D.

    UCF Helmsley Coordinator

  • Brittany Sears, Ph.D.

    USF Helmsley Coordinator


How the Florida Consortium will Light the Way

Working together, the Consortium will increase the number of underrepresented and limited income students graduating with high-demand skill sets, and emphasize career readiness and success for our graduates, elevating their competitive position in the workforce and in advancing to graduate or first professional programs.

- Dr. Ralph Wilcox, USF Provost

  • 47%

    of Florida's total University Enrollment

  • 48%

    of all Florida Degrees Awarded

  • 166,000

    Students Served in 2015

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